About Us

Horses EveryOne provides a portal connection and records of horse friends, horse educators, community, contributors and horse organization links.

We connect new interested horse people with resources, subsidize the beginning of their "horse career" and track and career path their progress.

This might lead to careers in share boarding, owning, rider training, horse training, or entering a college or professional path.
Horses are our friends. They work with us and teach us to feel, to pay attention to our surroundings and feelings, and to communicate almost intuitively.
Horses built our country: they hauled materials to build buildings, cleared forests for farmlands.

Horses provided our major mode of transportation: they carried riders, pulled wagons and carriages and trolley cars.

Horses were our warrior vehicles in the Middle Ages and in WW I and WW II.
Nominations or suggestions for major seed contributors are appreciated.

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